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Thread: Favorite Training Method

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    Favorite Training Method

    How do you train? What's your favorite program or method and why?

    DC, HIT, FST7, high volume, etc?

    If you have your own system post it up and let us know

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    i do VERY high volume (at least this is what i'm told, doesn't seem bad to me) and often i'll do an FST7 set at the end of a bodypart as well. I will never compromise my volume much more than i already have....i love training and love lots and lots of heavy ass sets.
    I've been told before by people on boards that i can in no way maintain any semblance of intensity with how many sets i do but i beg to differ.....come workout with me and you'll have a rude awakening.

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    Right now Iam just trying the FSt-7 training system, ..We will see how it works....

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    I recently followed a Sheiko training protocol for 10 weeks and I loved it. Very high volume but it builds strength well. It's almost like strength conditioning. The workouts took me almost 2 hours each to get through.

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